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  • Hiking in Krkonoše Mts.

Hiking in Krkonoše Mts.

Hiking tour

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Hiking tour details

  • 4 overnight stays in mountain huts/guest houses/hotels
  • transfer service Prague – Harrachov (day of arrival), Pec pod Sněžkou – Vrchlabí and Vrchlabí – Prague (day of departure)
  • catering and meals: dinner (day 1), full board (days 2, 3 and 4) and breakfast (day 5)
  • luggage transportation with access to luggage on day 2 and 4
  • detailed map of trails and information material with GPS data for all stages
  • your tour guide will be on the trail every day, and he will be available at your accommodation in the mornings and evenings
  • during the entire hiking trip our German and English speaking team is available round the clock


  • from 498 € / person (double room)
  • from 579 € / person (single room)

Well organised hiking without bed camps and group pressure

During our 5-day hiking trip and cultural journey you will transit the Krkonoše Mountains. It will be a 4-stage hike to the ridge of the Krkonoše Mountains, to the source of the river Elbe, up to the peak of Mount Sněžka. Feel the magic of the mountain huts while you enjoy Bohemian culinary delights.

Transfer and luggage services, our guides on site presence and the extensive and comprehensive map material make this a trip you will never forget.

No participant is bound to join a certain hiking group! Only the transfers is carried out jointly with all guests.
Everyone is encouraged to choose his own pace during the hike but we kindly ask you to join the group for dinner at 6.00 pm latest.

All details to time, trail lenght and trip altitude are approximate and may vary depending on the external conditions. You will hike on paved streets, prepaired hiking trails, gravel walks and paths with steps made of wood and stone. Sturdy footwear and weather-proof clothes are mandatory (see equipment list)!

  • your individual arrival at Prague
  • day 1: transfer Prague – Harrachov (Krkonoše Mountains) – VIDEO from the 1st hiking day
    hiking: 10 km, 3–4 h, ascent: 560 m, descent: 120 m
  • day 2: hiking: 18 km, 6–7 h, ascent: 820 m, descent: 803 m – VIDEO from the 2nd hiking day
  • day 3: hiking: 15 km, 4–5 h, ascent: 740 m, descent: 430 m – VIDEO from the 3rd hiking day
  • day 4: hiking: 11 km, 3–4 h, ascent: 255 m, descent: 906 m – VIDEO from the 4th hiking day
    transfer Pec pod Sněžkou – Vrchlabí
  • day 5: Vrchlabí
    transfer Vrchlabí – Prague
  • your individual departure from Prague


  • from 498 € / person (double room)
  • from 579 € / person (single room)

Hiking tour – day 1

Arrival at Prague, transfer to Harrachov, hiking tour Harrachov – Dvoračky
(10 km, 3–4 h, ascent 560 m, descent 120 m)

  • After your transfer from Prague, the little mountain town Harrachov (665 masl) will be the starting point of the first leg. It is located directly at the western edge of Mumlava valley. With its ski jumping hills it is one of the major centres for winter sports in the Czech Republic.
  • After a few kilometers of hiking you reach Mumlava falls. Beneath the waterfall, which is created from a step in the rocks 12 meters high, you find the so called Krkonoše Pots or Devil’s Eyes located in the river bed. These rocks have been washed out by the river Mumlava over a huge amount of time.
  • On your way to today’s accommodation you will enjoy the first views of the foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains.

Hiking tour – day 2

Dvoračky – Elbe water meadows – main ridge  – Moravská chalet
(18 km, 6–7 h, ascent 820 m, descent 803 m)
Access to luggage at destination

  • Today’s tour starts with the ascent to the stones of Harrach. This is a prominent rock formation from granite blocks, 1421 masl.
  • Crossing the Elbe water meadows we proceed to Pančava waterfall, one of the most important waterfalls of the Krkonoše Mountains with a height of 140 m.
  • The river Elbe (the Czech name is Labe), 1094 km in lenght, is the eight longest river in Europe. Its source, Pramen Labe, originates 400 meters away from the Polish border on 1386 masl. As a symbolic illustration, there is a water hole edged with stones and decorated with heraldic figures of all 28 cities located next to the river.
  • Just 1.5 km away from the source, the juvenile river plunges down 35 m into the deep, forming a waterfall named Elbe falls.
  • Following the hiking trail we get a good view of glacial cirques called „snow pit“. There are two of them, a bigger and a little one. They are located in Poland and slope over 200 meters. To protect rare species in fauna and flora, the area became a national park already in 1933. Today it belongs to the Czech and Polish national park of the Krkonoše Mountains.
  • On the border ridge between the Czech Republic and Poland you will encounter two impressive granite rock formations: „Men’s stones“ and „Girl’s stones“. They are located on 1416 and 1414 masl, up to 8 meters high.
  • Martinova chalet (Martinovka) lies in the heart of the Krkonoše Mountains on 1288 masl. Rumour has it that the world famous tennis player Martina Navrátilová was named after this location: it was this hut where she was born and where she spent her childhood.

Bad weather alternative
Dvoračky – Elbe water meadows – Martinova chalet  – Moravská chalet

(15 km, 5-6 h, ascent: 655 m, descent: 533 m)
Access to luggage at destination

Hiking tour – day 3

Moravská chalet –  Špindlerova chalet –  Polední kámen  – Luční chalet
(15 km, 4–5 h, ascent 740 m, descent 430 m)

  • On this leg you will find spectacles of nature: glacial lakes, glacial cirques and the tundra of the Krkonoše Mountains.
  • Špindlerova chalet on 1208 masl is located on the main ridge next to the „trail of friendship“ between Poland and the Czech Republic.
  • Polední kámen („Noon’s rock“) lies on 1423 masl on the main ridge. It is a rectangular shaped rock formation from granite, way over 12 meters high.
  • A glacial lake, Maly Slaw („little pond“), is on the polish side on 1183 masl, it is only 7.3 m in depth. The water is amber-coloured, and it has similarities to alp lakes which are permanently frozen during 200 days of the year.The glacial formations above Maly Slaw are known to be one of the most perfect glacial cirques you can see on the Polish side of the Krkonoše Mountains. On the lakefront there is Samotnia, a little mountain hut with a small bell tower on top. Here you can have a drink or two, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous view.
  • Luční chalet („Meadow chalet“) is the biggest and oldest mountain hut of the Krkonoše Mountains on 1410 masl. There is a brewery, a cosy lounge, and with its hotel operations it is perfectly suited for hiking trips, especially to the nearby Mount Sněžka.

Bad weather alternative
Moravská chalet –  White Elbe –  White Elbe chalet  – Luční chalet

(14 km, 4–5 h, ascent: 690 m, descent: 483 m)

Hiking tour – day 4

Luční chalet – Úpa`  s peat-bog – Mount Sněžka – Pec pod Sněžkou – Vrchlabí
(11 km, 3–4 h, ascent 255 m, descent 906 m)
Access to luggage at destination

  • Via the Úpa peat-bog you will approach the highlight of the hiking tour: Mount Sněžka
  • The ascent to the peak of Mount Sněžka starts at Slezská chalet and is best done using a zigzag path. This will take around 30 minutes. The trail is secured with stone borders and chains. No special knowledge of climbing is required.
  • You will descent from Mount Sněžka via a supply route back to Slezská chalet. From there a further descent via Obří důl (The Giant’s valley) leads you to Pec pod Sněžkou.
  • Our transfer service will then take you from Pec pod Sněžkou to Vrchlabí.
  • Your accommodation is also located in the city centre of Vrchlabí.

Mount Sněžka sunrise alternative
A spectacle of nature rarely to observe is the sunrise at Mount Sněžka’s summit. If weather permits, it is possible to experience the sunrise on the top of the mountain, guided by one of our crew members. It starts 1.5 h before sunrise at the Luční chalet. You will ascent to Mount Sněžka’s summit for the sunrise and descent back to Luční chalet for breakfast. All in all a hike of 7 km with 500 m up and down the mountainside. During today’s leg you then may skip Mount Sněžka and enjoy one of the lovely mountain huts at Obří důl (The Giant’s valley), Krakonoš’s home.

Hiking tour – day 5

Vrchlabí – Transfer to Prague

  • Vrchlabí, a picturesque mountain city is 35 km away from Pec pod Sněžkou. The administration headquarters of the entire Krkonoše Mountains national park are located here. It’s got a nice little city centre, perfect for strolling around town.
  • The transfer of the entire group to Prague (appr. 2 h) will start in the late morning.

Double or single room

A friendly advice: whenever you read the word „Bouda“, it means the traditional mountain hut of the Krkonoše Mountains. There is a great variety, they differ in size and various other equipment features.

All accommodations are equipped with guest lounges, sometimes you’ll find fitness rooms and a sauna (extra fee). The rooms are equipped with bathrooms en suite. Not every room has a hairdryer, TV or internet access. Sanitary facilities of the accommodation on the second night may be accessible via the hallway.

Catering and meals:

  • day 1: dinner
  • day 2: breakfast, packed lunch, dinner
  • day 3: breakfast, packed lunch, dinner
  • day 4: breakfast, packed lunch, dinner
  • day 5: breakfast

Dinner will be a traditional three-course-menu in typical Bohemian style. Different menu options might be available. Breakfast is served as a buffet. Vegetarian meals are available on request.


  • from 498 € / person (double room)
  • from 579 € / person (single room)

Optional services:

(extra fee)

  • individual group appointments
  • family rooms
  • Prague: additional stays before/after the hiking tour, and cultural program

Equipment list

Withdrawal from the travel contract for failure to obtain the minimum number of participants AktivReisen Schlittenbauer reserves the right to withdraw from the travel contract up to 14 days before the travel start if the explicit indicated minimum number of participants cannot be obtained. All advances paid will be refunded immediately.

Level of difficulty 1-5

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