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  • Hiking in Krkonoše Mts.

Hiking in Krkonoše Mts.

About us

AktivReisen Schlittenbauer

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Experience and enjoy the Krkonoše Mountains – together with us!

  • During your arrival, the hiking tour, and your departure you can reach us via telephone around the clock.
  • During the 4-day trip a tour guide will be always available at the accommodation.
  • In case of emergency there is always a car available for pick up.
  • We are in close contact to mountain rescue and national park rangers to check weather and possible warnings.
  • Protecting nature in the national park of the Krkonoše Mountains matters a great deal to us. We take account of the ecosystem as much as possible while choosing trails and during transportation.

The team of AktivReisen Schlittenbauer gives its best not only for you but also for the preservation of this unique landscape. We are very happy to do so!

Martina Schlittenbauer native from Krkonoše Mountains,
Christian Schlittenbauer, Bavarian
and the Guides Petr, Ingo and one more Petr 🙂

We have got more than 15 years experiences with tourism in the Czech Republic.
Till now our Czech travel agency worked as a supporter for international travel agencies. We have organized also guiding and planning for smaller individual groups. However, since 2015 we have our own Travel agency with insolvency insurence and consession.


Ingo, Tomas, Martina and Christian. Petr is missing because he was takeing this pic. ((-;

Ingo, Tomas, Martina and Christian. Petr is missing because he was taking this pic. ((-;

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